The UK based XLL Educational Trust was established in 2010 to provide sponsorship and bursaries to the Summit Schools in Maragua, Kenya so that orphans and poor students can have an education (and often a boarding place providing food and accommodation). We also encourage improvements in teaching standards at the school through the award of incentives to able and high performing teachers, and contribute to capital projects to improve the condition and facilities of the school.

In December 2011, the Trust was granted charitable status and registered charity number 1145079.

The XLL Educational Trust currently pays the school fees of 11 orphans at Summit. In addition, we are providing financial assistance to enable the school to pay its teachers a rate comparable to that paid in the State system in Kenya. This allows Summit to attract and retain a high calibre of teaching staff.

A further 10 bursaries are paid to students in the senior school. These awards enable bright students who otherwise would not be able to stay on in education at Summit to enter the senior school

At the moment, the focus of the Trust is the Summit Schools, however the scope of aid may be extended in the future.

The XLL Team

Lucille Weinberger (Trustee)

Lucille is the Owner and CEO of Livewire Editorial Communications, a communications agency based in Buckinghamshire.  Lucille first visited The Summit Schools in 2009 and since then Livewire has worked together with the Extraordinary Leadership coaches to support the Summit Schools. Livewire is also sponsoring educational links between Summit and Cam Hopton Primary School in Gloucestershire, UK.


Jefferson Cann (Trustee)

Jefferson Cann enjoyed a successful 23 year career in the pharmaceutical industry before leaving to become a leadership performance coach in 2004. He now delivers Executive Performance Coaching internationally at senior levels and across all business sectors.  He is co-founder of Extraordinary Leadership and co-author of “An Introduction to 3-Dimensional Leadership” with his co-founder Nigel Linacre. He co-founded the “Extraordinary Leadership Journey” which places clients in rural Kenyan schools, and “WellBoring”, a charity which provides sustainable water solutions for African communities.


Keith Long (Trustee)

Keith Long is a qualified account who has spent his career in a in a couple of large corporate businesses and in a couple of more dynamic smaller enterprises.  He is currently working for Livewire through which he got the chance to visit Summit School in Kenya and to see the impact that the school is having on its pupils.  Keith is also a keen rugby coach and scout leader.



Richard Bolden (Trustee)

Richard Bolden (2)Richard is Professor of Leadership and Management at Bristol Business School. He has had a long interest in leadership and community development in Africa and, impressed by the work taking place at Summit Schools, joined the XLL Board of Trustees in 2013 to help support their sponsorship and education development programme.


Nigel Linacre

Nigel_LinacreNigel co-founded Extraordinary Leadership with Jefferson Cann and has worked on development projects in a dozen countries across four continents. He has experience of World Bank and UK Government funded projects, has set up and run businesses, and co-founded pressure groups and charities including WellBoring. He has also run for parliament!



Kim Horgan

KimKim is the book-keeper for the Livewire Agency. She runs the day to day financial administration of the XLL Trust, and facilitates the regular communication between the sponsors, Trustees and the Ngugis to ensure that everyone is kept abreast of developments.