Dear Friends

The end of the third term of 2014 is here with us.  It is usually the shortest term, but also the busiest of them all.  It is the icing on the cake for the ending year, especially with the 2 sets of National Exams:

KCPE for Class 8

20 students sat for this exam and we expect the results anytime after Christmas.

KCSE for Form 4

Summit has 22 students siting for this exam. The results are expected in the last half of January.


Students undertaking their chemistry practical exam

Students undertaking their chemistry practical exam

We have continued to enjoy the support of many as they have sponsored some children’s education and upkeep.  Out of the enrolled 200 children, 50 of them are on sponsorship from difference sources.  That accounts for 25%!  Without these men and women whose hearts have been moved to give, these children would not be in school.  We are forever grateful for all of you who have come alongside us and given these little gems a chance to life and education.


 Form Four Students

Our teacher establishment remained at the same numbers, 8 in the secondary section and 10 in the primary. However in October/November some teachers were involved in supervising the National exams and were not able to be with us for those 2 months.  At such times neighbouring schools share the rest of the teachers among themselves, so we have different teachers coming in on different days.



For a good part of the year, our old school van stalled on the road on an averaged of twice a week, leaving us with huge mechanical bills and having to source for alternative transportation for the children.  Mid this year we were able to secure a bank loan to buy a new van.  They require us to service the loan at the beginning of every school term for the next 2 years.



Other activities in the term


This has kept going and is such fun for the children.  Though it slowed down in October as the supervisor was away from school with the National Exams.


Our girls played with the neighboring school and they fared very well.lib1


The reading culture is growing widely in the Summit Community.  We fondly think of our partners in refurbishing and equipping our library. 


The children enjoy the computer classes.  We have had increased computer class shifts since the number of children has increased compared to the available computers. 



We take this opportunity to wish all our friends Happy Holidays, and to thank you very specially for standing with us in this past year.

With Kind regards


Sarah Mzae

For the Summit Community


PS: The children took these pictures as their photography lessons.  That would explain why they are somewhat fuzzy.