news1The year begun well for us and we are grateful to God for all that has been the good things and even the challenges that we have experienced.

First we had an unplanned 10 day break, which was an order from the government during the presidential elections in March. For the students’ safety, they needed to be back home in their parents’ custody for that unpredictable period. We are thankful that the elections were peaceful and there is a very positive  spirit as the new government positions itself.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) brought encouraging results with 12 out of the 17 students qualifying for high school.

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education was not as encouraging 3 out of the 16 students qualified to join public university.


So far we have 18 teachers. 10 in the Primary section and 8 in High School. They have continued to faithfully give their best to the children and we are thankful for them.

James and Karen

James Karen

James and Karen, fondly referred to as Guka and Cucu (Grandpa and Grandma) by the school children, are doing well. Friends and family joined in celebrating their 50th Anniversary on January 1, 2013. It was a special time of reflecting on God’s faithfulness to them and theirs over the last 50 years.

National Challenge

The first 3 months of the year were very dry; which were followed by a very rainy season. Both these conditions made it very difficult for the farmers to grow any crops. As a result, there was a national–?wide shortage of food and the little that was available was sold at very high prices.

New students

Being the first term of the year we started by enrolling 30 new students! A big addition into the family and a very welcome one! 24 of these are in Form 1 while the other 6 are distributed in the other classes.


High school students working on their science projects


We had the high school students take part in a few inter school activities:

District Science Congress: this is a district inter-school competition where students present different science projects. Our girls came third and made us proud.

National Dancing Competition: the girls also took part in the inter-schools dancing competition. They didn’t make it for a top position but it was fun nevertheless.

School and farm projects

We are constructing a one-storied building, which will house the four High school classes (Forms 1 – 4). The older classes will then be renovated into a girls’ dormitory. However the construction had stalled due to the heavy rains in the country but we hopefully plan to resume now that the rains seem to have subsided.

The Borehole continues to be a huge blessing to the school community as the main source of water for the school and the farm. James and Karen are keen to share this blessing with the community and they have been in discussion with the different neighbours regarding this. With the availability of water, we have started a fish-farming project. This is intended to provide food for the school as well as bring in some income.


Schoolgirls enjoy a game of football

Community Impact

As much as these projects benefit the school community, they also create job opportunities for the surrounding community. At the moment we have 7 permanent support staff and 15 – 20 casual labourers.

On the whole..

We have had a great term. We are grateful to God and everyone who keeps the team together and running:

– The staff for dutifully doing their part.

– Our friends in the UK for their care and support.

– The children for their cooperation